Address: 76, Zorzales Street

We stand half a block away from Bustillo Avenue, at the 10.7th kilometer marker. This avenue borders Lake Nahuel Huapi from downtown Bariloche to Circuito Chico (Hotel Llao Llao, Puerto Pañuelo, Bahía López, Colonia Suiza, etc). We are just 10 or 15 minutes away from the city center and half a block away from Lake Nahuel Huapi.

Location Advantages

As we lie half a block away from Bustillo Avenue, our main advantage is that the noises from the high season do not reach the venue. At the same time, the proximity of this avenue lets guests take advantage of the comfortable access both in the summer and the winter.

You will reach the city center in 10 or 15 minutes without any inconveniences, with a close access to Mount Catedral and the most traditional tourist attractions in the area (see “Strategic Point”).

Furthermore, on Bustillo Avenue, you will find all the stores for daily shopping.

Strategic Point

Access to Mount Catedral: approximately 15 minutes away from the Cabins. There are two accesses: the paved road starting at the fork in 8.5th kilometer marker on Bustillo Avenue, or through the so-called “Camino viejo” (old path), which starts right behind Cabañas del Bosque and features the first kilometer of gravel.

Circuito Chico: the famous tour known as Circuito Chico goes around Lakes Nahuel Huapi, Moreno Este and Oeste, Colonia Suiza, Cerro López, Hotel Llao Llao, Puerto Pañuelo, etc. It starts at the 18th kilometer marker on Bustillo Avenue.

Beaches: the two most important beaches on Lake Nahuel Huapi are Playa Bonita, at the 8th kilometer marker, and Playa Serena, at the 12th kilometer marker. As well, there are plenty of accesses to the beach every 200 or 300 meters.

Closest gas stations: “Petrobras” at the 13th kilometer marker and “YPF” at the 4.5th kilometer marker.

Nearby supermarkets: “La Anonima” at the 12th kilometer marker, “Todo” at the 13th kilometer marker and at the 8.5th kilometer marker, as well as the neighborhood commercial center, standing only 150 meters away.

Meals: besides, on Bustillo Avenue, there are various spots to have a meal and/or ask for dishes to be delivered at your cabin.