General Information

Cabañas del Bosque offer the space, the privacy, security and comfort to spend your longed for vacations. Everything is organized for you to relax, trust us and plan your trip calmly aware that we are already expecting you at Bariloche. Contact us as many times as necessary to make questions, ask for advice and program your stay if you wish.

Cabañas del Bosque are located only 50 meters away from Bustillo Avenue (Lake Nahuel Huapi waterfront), in a spacious fenced lawn with shady trees, very safe for children, hosted by its owners and with new fully-equipped buildings… and very close to the most traditional tourist attractions in San Carlos de Bariloche.


• Independent one-storey cabins, no staircases (just one cabin has stairs, please mention if you do not want this special unit)
• Parking space for each cabin
• Completely fenced venue
• Roofed grill area
• Very spacious lawn with shady trees and playground
• Housekeeping (white linen and towels)
• Baby set
• Calefaction, Microwave oven, TV
• Alarm
• WiFi
• Tourist assistance and excursion hiring

The cabins inside

Each cabin is completely private. They are detached and separated from one another. They all feature only one storey and no staircases, the entrance to only one of the cabins is by stairs, please let us know if you don´t want this option: see picture.

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There is an space to park one car per cabin into the venue.

There are two semi covered grill area.

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The lawn is accessed through a main gate which is locked and whose key is only held by the guests at Cabañas del Bosque.

Each cabin has a dining room and a spacious kitchen. They are fully equipped, they include a complete bathroom, a master bedroom and another bedroom with 4 beds – 76 channels and full set of dishes. White linen and towels are included in the service and changed periodically. The construction is new, rustic and made of wood, logs and bricks, with plenty of windows and natural light.

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Housekeeping is done periodically –every 3 or 4 nights according to each stay. This has been specially planned so as to keep your privacy. There is a choice to hire daily housekeeping service for a moderate extra rate.


Useful Notes for your Trip


Dear Guest,

Visiting Patagonia will be a complete adventure. In order to enjoy it to the utmost, it will be necessary for you to consider packing clothes for all kinds of weather, even if you come along in the summer. Nights are usually quite fresh. It may rain at any moment; therefore, it is necessary to be prepared with the proper jackets and footwear. Special winter clothes –snow clothes- may be hired at very accessible rates. You need not buy them in advance. In the summer, if the weather is nice, it is usually very hot. Do not forget to pack your bathing suit. You should also be aware that the waters in the lakes are very cold. Do not let your children dive all of a sudden and find out what beaches to visit, as some of them are warmer than others, depending on how deep the waters run.


It will be convenient to know all the details about your trip plan, the estimate time of arrival, not only to find your cabin ready but also for us to be alert in case of any contingency. It would be very convenient to have your cell phone number so as to get in touch with you. Besides, if you wish, you may call us as you reach downtown Bariloche and we will give you the necessary directions to reach our resort. Even if it is very easily accessed as we are just half a block away from the waterfront avenue, traffic is heavy in the city during the season and it is better to avoid going across it and border the lake. Besides, mountain roads feature many curves that many times make tourists feel confused. It will be no problem for us.


If possible, please plan your arrival at appropriate hours (other than late at night or very early in the morning) so that we may welcome you properly. Moreover, roads are dangerous in winter due to the frost (no snow chains or studded wheels are necessary to drive along regular places but we recommend to get the instant spray known as “cadena líquida” (spray tire chain) to be used on the road if necessary).


For your tranquility

We wish to provide everything for you to spend your dreamed-of vacations. We are at your service; please do not hesitate to contact us before, during and after your trip.

Once at the venue, you and your family may have as much privacy as you wish. You will not hear the rest of the guests, as the cabins are detached. You yourselves will decide when you come in and when you go out as if you were at your own place. All this has the advantage that we are available for any doubt, claim, suggestion or conversation that may arise.

Do not take risks. These are your vacations. Check our information as many times as you wish – the logo “Bariloche quiero estar ahí” is a way to show that we are under local regulation – and make all necessary questions. Thank you for trusting us!!

Vanesa and Edgardo Romano.


We welcome you to our family place!

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